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Revelations 8:12 - a star with a partial photoshereThe Mayan Calendar features in the short story - The Mayan 3Q Prophet - by Chris VaughanThe mysterious and puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle in Malta
Grand Canyon - Lightning strike victim?
Was the Earth a Lightning hit victim?
Why does a human hit look the same?
Revelations 8:12?
Largest Sun Spot in the Universe found or "a third of the sun was smitten"
We first conceived the calendar policy
under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days...

The Clapham Junction Triangle
Seeing is believing...what? Have you ever seen natural triangles?

Electric Universe Theory enlightning videos, DVDs, films

Electric Universe Theory - if you are new to the EU Theory (Plasma Cosmology Theory) then start with the amazing Thunderbolts of the God's or a soupdragon42 video. If you have some experience of the EU Theory and and want a mind melt then watch Dale Pond discussing John Keely.

Electric Universe Theory films, DVDs and videos

Thunderbolts of the God's

Thunderbolts of the God's is immense.
10 minutes to change your world (youtube), 60 minutes to change your Universe (full length on googlevideos).
If you are new to the Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology idea then watch this

Symbols of an Alien Sky

Symbols of an Alien Sky - Mythology and Legends finally explained by the Electric Universe? The same symbols and legends around the world, either everyone was in contact or they all witnessed the same events in the skies. This video clip is part 1 of 3 'taster' videos. Part 1 (above) is about why we have ancient myths and legends, Part 2 covers petroglyphs and Part 3 discusses 'The Golden Age (Garden of Eden)'.

More Electric Universe mythology is discused in the Everything Is Electric forum and this video is reviewed in the Myth, Legends, Beliefs board.

Thunderbolts.info - online videos of the EU and Plasma Cosmology from the lads


Great Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology videos on youtube from the person who runs the Plasma Cosmology site. Watch all soupdragon42 videos on youtube. Given the Charles Atlas Seal of Approval by the Thunderbolts team ;)

John Keely lecture by Dale Pond

Amazing. Dale Pond lecturing on John Ernst Worrell Keely but mentioning so much more including SVP. More than a lifetimes worth of questions without all the answers? The video shown above is part one of two on Dale Pond The Basic Principles Of SVP Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. It is also available on googlevideos

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Was the earth a lightning strike victim? Grand Canyon, America and a human victim. In the Electric Universe everything is scalable.
Is the earth a Lightning strike victim the same as this human?
Grand Canyon - earth lightning scar? Larger images and map of the Electroblemes
Grand Canyon and human as a lightning hit victim

On the road to Damascus

Any of the videos available from Mikamar - Thunderbolts. The video that come with the "Thunderbolts of the Gods" book will blow your circuits.

How good are the EU videos? I use to have the books and videos Thunderbolts of the Gods (Monograph + DVD) and other Electric Universe stuff. People who had never heard of the EU before but watched a few mintues of these videos wanted to borrow them and then passed them on. They are spine tingling good. The Thunderbolts video is availble free to watch here.

If you want to show your friends and family what you are so excited about with the Electric Universe Theory then buy the book and video and show them. It's that simple. Then show them the same looking craters on the planets, moons and asteriods and ask them how come they all look like they were hit directly from above? If they were hit by different sizes, speeds, angles, times on different bodies made up of different bodies then how come they are not that different?