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(g)EUlogy to Geology
The study of the Earth in an Electric Universe. What do you see?

If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe

We first conceived the calendar policy
under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days...

The Clapham Junction Triangle
Seeing is believing...what? Have you ever seen natural triangles?

Guide to the Electric Universe and other Verses?

plasmaVerse - the Electric Universe

Everything Is Electric
EIE is an Electric Universe Theory network of sites. Includes not just space EU stuff but a new look at the geology of the Earth (gEUlogy) and the idea of an exchanging and expanding Earth (XEarth) in an Electric Universe.
Also has an Electric Universe Theory forum and a room 2 chat

* verse - Electric Universe Theory books, ebooks (EUbooks)
* enlightning - Electric Universe related videos
* off the grid - free energy products and reviews
the plasmaVerse - index for articles (sitemap)

Electric Universe, Plasma Cosmology and Chronology Revision sites

The site. Picture Of The Day, Thunderblogs and the Thunderbolts Forum. If its EU then it is likely to be on this site or someone in the Forum will be able to help. Also discussed are alternative ideas related to the EU and Humans. Ever thought dowsing was just about finding water? The site has so much info and articles it may be confusing to nEUb's so try the site below for the quick basics

Plasma Cosmology
Great roundup and place to start learning about the Electric/Plasma Universe. Check out soupdragon42's EU / Plasma Cosmology videos on youtube. Has concise technical explanations, info on the Plasma Gods (pioneers) and other Electric Universe stuff.

Wal Thornhill's site. Enough said. Articles by one of the Plasma Gods. If predictions prove a Theory then Wal has proved that the Electrical Universe Theory has a solid base. Read what "Gravity" might actually be... The real delight about the EU is that the logic follows through all fields and things. You will come to the same conclusion that those before and after you will come to. It makes sense.

Ancient Destructions
Sex, violence and Rock n Roll. Well maybe not but still an exciting site. Combines the Catastrophes that have struck the Earth with geology and archaeology. Website info and great videos of various subjects. See how the Electric Universe has affected your world. Could it happen again?

Fractal Universe
The idea is that the Universe is not just electric but also a Fractal Universe. This is NOT an EU Theory site but shows the idea of the Electric Universe is one that others come to the conclusion of. Great site - simple, concise and mind expanding.

The Universe - Plasma Science
The man and the site that shows how scientific the research behind the Electric Universe Theory is. He is so Mr Plasma Universe they named a Plasma Instability after him (our ancestors had seen them in the skies and carved them into rocks as the Squatting Man). If you like the opportunity to investigate detailed and advanced science and numbers then this is the site.

Myths and Legends were inspired by things around us. It's an Electrical Universe. Great Squatting Man related photos. Why were the Gauls, including Asterix, afraid of the sky falling on their heads?

Electric Universe
Detailed scientific articles on Plasma Cosmology (the Electric Universe)

The God King Scenario
Bringing planetary chaos and ancient history together. Author Gary Gilligan's site dedicated to the Earths history with EU Theory interpretations of our past. Egypt is the main focus but other cultures investigated. He also challenges you to prove him wrong, can you? It can not be that difficult considering what he suggests?

Plasma Resources
Good site with links to everything in the Electric Universe

Halton Arp
The site of astronomer and author of Seeing Redwith article briefs. Big Bang believers do NOT read his articles

Electric Cosmos
Another good site with lots of different stuff by Donald E. Scott (Electrical Engineer and author of The Electric Sky)

Electric Universe .info
New good looking site with lots of Wikipedia "Plasma Cosmology" links. Why no "Electric Universe" links? Because Wikipedia is so free that they have deleted and banned the Electric Universe Theory. That is a fact. You can have any idea you like on Wiki apart from the Electric Universe Theory which has been censored by Wikipedia.

Kronia Group
Over 25 years of research. Quality place to hit the main topics of interest. Quick intro into the history of Plasma Cosmology / EU. The Saturn Model, extensive EU links page and much more. Also FREE emailed THOTH newsletter including articles from some of the Plasma Gods

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS)
The oldest society for catastrophist information and research. They also organise the EU, Plasma, Catastrophe and Chronology Revision meetings. The SIS website has this amazing links/resources page.

the multiVerse?

If it's not a gravityVerse and it is an electricVerse then what is our Verse and how many other Verses are there out there?
If the world seems like its a different Universe to when you were a child or after a traumatic event, is it a different Verse after every moment of your life?

plasmaversEU - welcome to the Electric Universe

Welcome to other peoples Verse otrosVerse ancientVerse


the 8 levels of your verse
this world and the reality world?
the respectverse - if you don't respect the man, the legend after this...
Free Energy and Free Thinking
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Pure Energy Systems Wiki
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BBC: Science & Environment
everything old connected to the new?


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