The Electric Universe Bible / Torah
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What Don't You See?
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gEUlogy - the Earth's geology in the EU
Geology explained and viewed in the Electric Universe. What don't you see?

It's an Electric Universe
The Sun and all the Stars are made of charged Plasma

(g)EUlogy to geology
The study of earth and the Earth through Electric EYEs

The Electric Universe Bible / Torah

The Torah (first 5 books of the Bibles Old Testament also called the Pentateuch) describe the stories and perhaps human witness of some strange and amazing events. Warnings, information and esoteric knowledge was passed on through stories, songs and images.

Were some of the more unusual or puzzling to us descriptions the result of the Earth being in an Electric Universe? Can the Electric Universe Theory give logical explainations? It is a matter of interpretation what they mean. Not just the imagery but the actual meaning of the individual and groups of words.

4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Genesis 6 (New International Version) - biblegateway

What did you read?

The above quote is about the The Nephilim and is the start of Biblical verssion of The Flood, an event(s) that seems to have hit the whole earth as virtually all ancient nations have similar stories. If it did not affect everyone then they must have all been in contact with each other. The Torah is saying at the start of the chapter that the Nephilim were a special breed of of men, they were on the Earth before The Flood and after The Flood. Yet The Flood was meant to have killed all humans?

Lost in translation/interpretation?

genesis 3 hebrew interlinear bible twisting flaming sword birkeland current - squatter man - comet venus

24 and he is driving out the human and he is causing to tabernacle from east to garden of Eden the cherubim and flame of the sword the one turning herself to to guard of way of tree of the lives. Genesis 3 - Hebrew Interlinear Bible

What was the Flaming Sword, why was it self twisting, why mention the East of Eden?

24 Then God put winged creatures at the entrance to the garden and a flaming, flashing sword to guard the way to the life-giving tree. Genesis 3:24 (Contemporary English Version) - biblegateway

The modern translation above shows that it can be interpreted in different way, this time it is a flashing sword not self turning. No mention of the East that was worthy enough to be included by Moses.

These small differences could mean massive changes to the meaning of the events.

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The Electric Torah / Bible

The following links are articles investigating the Torah/Bible in an Electric Universe

** In the beginning...there became chaos/vibration/water (Genesis chapter 1 v1-2)
** he shall become light and he is becoming light (Genesis chapter 1 v3-5)

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