Freeplay EyeMax clockwork / solar powered radio - product reveiw
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Freeplay Eyemax clockwork radio
Personal product review of the EyeMax windup / solar powered radio
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Freeplay EyeMax Radio - clockwork / windup /
solar powered radio - product review

freeplay EyeMax windup solar powered selfcharging radio (black plastic version not the see through / transparent blue model) - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

Get off the grid and never use a battery again
:) music to your ears :)

The Freeplay Energy EyeMax Self-Sufficient AM/FM Radio is a superb clockwork / wind-up / solar powered batteryless radio. Perfect for the house, travel or camping. You can get off the grid and never use batteries again.

antenna aerial freeplay eyemax clockwork windup solar powered radio photographs product review  - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

The Freeplay EyeMax clockwork radio is a very handy size and is a decent looking and sturdy designed radio. Not only does it look like a normal radio but it sounds as good as any for its size and cost on the market.

The black EyeMax solar-powered radio seen in the photographs here (there is a transparent / see through version which is called "Transparent Blue") very rarely needs winding up. If it sits on your window shelf the suns energy should be converted by the solar cells on the top of the radio meaning no winding! Awesome. Not that it is difficult to re charge using the winding mechanism. A couple of minutes turning the crank arm and you should have hours more music. A great return of investment, not just for the energy you put in but the money you have spent.

may the frequency be with you always - get yourself off the grid - solar self powered clockwork windup radios  - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

Modern clockwork radios use a handcranked generator to power them. This quality made wind-up radio reviewed here also has an LED torch at the end, so you do not just get music where ever you go you also can be illuminated.

dimensions height width weight length specifications FM AM MW tuning frequency dial knob button - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review radio with LED torch light hand cranked generators clockwork windup radio - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

It has a headset socket and can be powered, operated or re-charged using a DC in slot.

off the grid - wind up crankarm solar powered cell radio wind up free energy free power never use a battery or batteries again - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

Product Review - any negatives / faults?

The Freeplay EyeMax clockwork radio is a brilliant bit of kit and saves the environment. The only slight issue with the one that I have is its tuning can wander off slightly. Not always but sometimes you may have to re tune in the frquency to hear the crystal clear quality sound of your favourite radio station or DJ. That is the only fault I have found. Other than that it's a great product and you will get your money back in no time as you don't ever have to use, pay or re-charge batteries ever again.

size rechargeable am fm radio self powered equipment - Freeplay EyeMax radio clockwork windup solar powered radio product review

Specifications - how big and heavy is it?

The size of the EyeMax radio self-powered radio can be seen in the photographs on this product assessment (personal product review). Double AA batteries show a comparison of its dimensions (height, width and length). It weighs 700g (24.5 oz) which is a decent weight.
For the official specs of this crank-powered travel, camping and household radio visit the Freeplay Energy webpage and the EyeMax clockwork radio specifications.

Purhase / Buy the Freeplay EyeMax Radio...

Purchase the EyeMax (Black or "Transparent Blue" models) direct from the eco-friendly and good guys at Freeplay Energy .com - you can buy the EyeMax clockwork radio for around $49 to $59.

Ethical Superstore .com have the Freeplay Energy EyeMax windup / solar powered radio on sale with an special offer of 29.95 (check it is still at that price).

Amazon - the EyeMax batteryless black radio can be bought around 28.

Amazon - EyeMax Transparent Blue model of this self sufficient/powering radio. The blue crystal plastic case lets you see the amazing insides of this amazing radio.

Amazon .com has the black EyeMax self powered radio with LED torch on offer.

The Translucent Blue version of the EyeMax Radio is also for sale. You buy the same Freeplay Radio with its free energy solar power but you can view the interior.

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