Gelert 3LED/1 Function Windup Torch - product review/comparison
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Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then is everything electric?

Gelert Windup Torch - Product Review
Personal review/comparison of the
Gelert Wind-up Torch
Wind Up torches/lamps comparison
Batteryless lighting (torches/lamps/lanterns) compared
Ever thought about geology...
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Gelert 3LED/1 Function Windup Torch (flashlight)

Gelert ultrabright 3LED/1 Function Windup Torch dynamo powered water resistant LED torch (flashlight)

The Gelert free energy (self powered) ultrabright (3LED) torch or flashlight is a very good looking and great bit of kit. With perhaps the greatest sounding windup crank in the universe! George Lucas would have used it in a Star Wars film.

You can also use it to charge up your Nokia mobile or cell phone :)

Gelert self sufficient torch (flashlight)- product review

Gelert lilac version of their windup (hand powered and free energy) super bright LED torch (flashlight) cell phone charger (mobile phone charging) for Nokia's - charge your phone with this windup hand powered unit that is also a great torch

This hand powered torch is a well designed and manufactured. The "3 x 5mm Ultra bright White LED's" are very bright and give a surprising amount of light that can illuminate objects from a good distance.

The luminescence depends on the charge you have hand cranked into the battery but you only need a few turns of the handle to light up your world for free. Not that you will need any excuse to charge it up as the winding mechanism sound is really cool.

Thinking of saving the environment and your wallet by buying a free energy self powered torch (flashlight) but not sure if its worth the effort?
Don't worry about hard work if you buy this Gelert torch.

Die no more - battery less

flashlight (torch) mechanically powered with a crank wind-up mechanism Gelert ultrabright 3LED/1 Function Windup Torches

No more batteries means you can get off the grid. For not much energy in you get a lot of energy out. In buying a quality product at the start you get a lot out of it at the end. Proving that what you put in is what you get out.

You will have to keep topping up the battery inside but not every few seconds. A few seconds of RPMs using the fold away dynamo arm and your path will be clear to you and to anyone else around you.

What batteryless torches really mean is that you will always see the light and not have to worry about batteries going flat or where can you buy more of them when abroad.

Mobile phone (cell phone) charger!

windup mobile phone charger (cellphone charging unit) and Gelert 3LED torch

Gelert wind-up torch - product specs

Product name: Gelert 3 LED / 1 Function Wind Up Torch (TOR306)

Colours: black and lilac

Bulb Type: 3 x 5mm Ultra bright White LED (and it is ultra bright white)

Light of my life: 20 minutes after around 1 minute of winding (not bright at the end)

Torch/Flashlight Features: Mobile phone (cell phone) charger for Nokia phones - A snug, soft and warm rubber coating - folding power up crank handle - water resistant

Benefits: Dyno powered so no batteries required - looks good - saves the environment and you money, time and worrying about batteries

Where can I buy the Gelert free energy torch (flashlight) for the lowest price offer in Europe or USA?

black model version of the Gelert 3LED wind-up torch or flashlight. Get off the grid

Amazon has the Gelert wind-torch (flashlight) for sale in both lilac and black.

At the moment Amazon .com doesn't have this mechanically powered torch for sale.

Gelert have a large range of lighting equipment for sale, suitable for around the house or camping/hiking/trekking holidays. You can purchase their full range from Gaynors (massive choice or other brands) or got straight to their
Gelert lighting equipment catalogue that includes torches and lanterns.

Gelert .com has a webpage showing all of their online partner companies who stock their quality equipment and who you can buy from.

Wanna compare sizes?

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How does the Gelert 3 LED / 1 Function Wind Up Torch (flashlight) compare to other windup and self sufficient torches and lanterns on the market?

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