Product comparisons for Wind Up torches, lanterns and lamps
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Product comparison of Wind Up lighting
Wind-Up torches, lanterns and mini lamps reviewed and compared
Individual product reviews
Each Wind-Up torch or lamp is reviewed and includes lots of photographs
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Product comparisons between Wind Up
(batteryless) torches, lanterns and lamps

Silverpoint and Gelert product comparisons and reviews for their windup torches, minilanterns, minilamps and hand craned lights

These Wind Up (mechanical powered) lanterns, mini lamps and torches are very different in design, price and performance. So which camping/hiking/emergency Wind-Up torch or lamp should you buy?

Silverpoint, Gelert and generic other comparisons

wind up batteryless freepower torches, mini and large lanterns and lamps product comparisons and reviews

The lantern is the largest of the hand powered products reviewed, standing about 30 cm or 1 foot high and around 12 cm wide. It is the bulkiest and least well made but offers a short burst of bright light that will illuminate the area close to it.

The Silverpoint Hiker mini lamp or lantern can provide a bright burst of energy but is not as powerful as the lantern. The Silverpoint is a very well manufactured product and provides a relatively stunning amount of light for its size. Its light also lasts much longer than the others.

The Gelert Torch looks and feels very nice and is not to bulky, fitting into the palm of your hand. Its concentrated beam of light is very bright and picks out objects at a distance. Being a torch it does not provide a lot of general light but it will still secondary light up the rest of a room or tent.

hand powered lighting equipment, torches and product specs comparisons and personal reviews

I personally would not choose to take the lantern on a camping or hiking trip due to its size and the fact you could get roughly the same amount of light or even more constant light from the torch or the mini lantern.

Silverpoint mini lantern or the Gelert Torch?

Gelert 3 LED windup torch and Silverpoint Hiker wind up mini lantern - showing sizes compared to a AA battery and each other

Which is the better product, the Silverpoint Hiker LED Wind-up Camping Lantern or the Gelert 3LED / 1 Function Windup Torch? It depends on what you intend to use them for. The torch is better for hiking and walking during twilight or night as it has a direct beam but the Silverpoint mini Lantern can provide enough light to walk by, as long as you are not needing or expected it to light up the area like a flood light.

The Gelert Torch would give a brighter light for reading when shone on the book but the Sliverpoints light would be more general and diffused.

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Individual product reviews

Each of these products has been personally reviewed and you can read more information and lots more photographs of each wind-up powered light.

lilac windup Gelert LED torch - product comparison and review

For the individual personal product review of the Gelert Torch click here. You can also buy the Gelert Wind Up Torch. There are also other peoples reviews available by clicking on the link then on "Customer Reviews".

sl7010 Silverpoint Hikers windup lantern or mini lamp - product comparison and review

The Silverpoint lantern has its own operational review and it is also on offer to buy. Interested in what members of the public have to say and their own reviews of the Silverpoint Wind-Up Lantern? Click on the link and read the publics "Customer Reviews".

wind-up 12 ultrabright LEDs Dynamo camping and hiking lantern - product comparison and review

Last and certainly not the least, the large Wind Up Camping Lantern is also put to the test and reviewed here. You can purchase this ultrabright 12 LED Lantern in England (UK and also Europe) and in America(USA). You should certainly read the man in the streets reviews of this product as it does take a public beating like Rodney King.

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