Silverpoint Hiker LED Wind Up Lantern (SL7010) - product review
product review and comparison of Gelert and Silverpoint windup torches, lamps and lanternsSilverpoint Hiker LED Wind-up Camping Lantern (lamp) batteryless - minigreat looking extendable rotating feet or blades on its base help the Silverpoint Hiker windup self powered mini camping lamp to standimage linking to DIScussion on Everything Is Electric article (the Electric Universe Theory), forum posting or chat
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Silverpoint Hiker Wind-up Lantern
Product review and comparison of the Silverpoint batteryless camping lantern (lamp)
Silverpoints SL7010 mini 4 LED Lamp
Silverpoints quality hiking/camping products include this little gem
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Silverpoint Hiker 4LED mini wind-up Lantern/Lamp

silverpoint sl7010 hiker 4leds windup miniature lantern lamp torch silver and black colour scheme for this Silverpoint compact selfsufficient mini lamp (lantern) - showing its balancing extending feet

This fantastic free energy (self powered by hand) Hiker compact lantern is manufactured by Silverpoint and they have really delivered an outstanding product. Perfect for any travelling - walking, cycling, car breakdown...

A must have and be seen with. You will enlighten others by your presence.

Personal product review - Silverpoint Hiker Lantern

silverpoint - the winding crank on this mechanically powered torch/ mini lamp lantern

There is nothing much wrong with this self-sufficient miniature lantern (lamp). Very small, amazingly light and bright. If there is a better mini camping lantern on the market in this price range then I would be amazed.

Silverpoint camping equipment and their mini lamp or lantern with its charging crank arm extended outwards

Silverpoint have even designed it with some great looking extendable balancing feet. As it is a mini lantern these are needed and work well.
The wind-up powered lamp also has a carry/hanging hook in its top.

It's bright and light - Blinding Lights!

Silverpoint Hiker SL7010 4LED Wind-up Camping Lantern (lamp) - mini

A silver reflector in its top increases the already superbright white 4 LED's. This means you can comfortably read a book by its light and do most other camping activities.

Due to the quality product you are paying for your energy to light conversion rate is excellent. A couple of minutes spinning the crank arm will give you enough light for 10-15 minutes. It will dim slowly and you will need to spin it to win it.

The only fault with the Silverpoint SL7010 mechanically powered hiking lantern is that the winding arm may detach if you get to excited about how great it is when charging it up. Do not worry though as it easily pushes back in.

Silverpoint wind-up mini lantern - product specs

Product name: Silverpoint SL7010 Hiker LED Wind Up Lantern

Colours: Black and Silver

Bulb Type: 4 Superbright LEDs

Dimensions: 14.7cm x 4.6cm and it weighs only 155g

Light my fire: 15-20 minutes after a a minute or two cranking it up

Features: Rechargable 3.6 volt (300mAh) nickel-metal hydride battery

Benefits: Never spend a penny buying a battery again or wasting time with them

Where can I buy the Silverpoint Hiker LED
Wind-up Camping Lantern in Europe or USA?

buy, for sale, purchase, offers for the Silverpoint Hiker SL7010 4LED Wind-up Camping Lantern/Lamp

Amazon has the mini Silverpoint Hiker lantern for you to buy.

At the moment Amazon .com does not seem to have this free power product for sale nor do the ethical online shops appear to.

Silverpoint themselves do not sell direct to the public.

Compared to others you have had, how good am I?

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