Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern - product review / comparison
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Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern
Product review for this batteryless hand powered Camping Lantern (Lamp)
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Light up your world but for how long?
Is it worth the effort or just a wind-up?
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Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern - 12 Ultrabright LED

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp - personal product review of this hand powered lighting equipment

This 12LED Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern has a lot of poor product reviews. Is it due to the expections of those who bought this hand crank powered Camping Lamp or is it the design of the free energy Lamp itself?

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern - product review

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp - product review and comparision of this alternative free energy mobile lighting equipment Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp with hand powered crank winding arm being displayed

This wind-up dynamo camping lantern (lamp) is about 30 cm (1 foot) tall and can provide a lot of light but for a very short period. This is where the poor product review ratings come in for this free energy lighting equipment. To be able to produce a lot of light in a large area you do need to have a decent power supply, or, in the case of wind-up torches and lamps you need to put a lot of energy in. If you expect to be able to get a lot out without putting a lot in then whose fault is it?


Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp 12LEDs, 8LEDs, 4LEDS, ultrabright settings

This mechanical powered camping lantern has 3 LED settings so you can adjust the brightness. By pressing the on/off button you rotate these ultrabright LEDs from 4 LEDs, 8 LEDs to the super bright 12 LEDs.

How much light does it produce and for how long? It can produce a lot of light but only for a minute or 2. Very helpful if your car has broken down or you need to find something you have dropped in a dark area. But it will not last long and you will have to keep charging it up.

One option that no one has discussed or seems to have used for the "Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern" is the fact that it can be powered by a DC6v (6 Volt DC power supply or power adaptor). If you can use this then it may make a very good alternative lighting supply for a garage or out house. The lamp is very bright it is just the fact that you have to put in a lot of effort to get a lot of light out but only for a short period of time.

Built-in comp ass

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp built in compass

The Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern has a small compass built into the top of the lamps casing. Its real pants and is a total waste of time as it soon sticks and does not point North

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern - product specs

Product name: Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern

Colours: black and silver

Bulb Type: 12 Ultra bright White LEDs (over 100,000 hours life span)

Light of my life: 10 minutes after around 1 minute of winding on lowest setting (not bright at the end). High power light setting (12 LEDs) very bright for a minute or 2

Lamp/Lantern Features: Built in compass - folding power up crank handle - 3 brightness settings - external power supply (6V DC) option

Benefits: Batteryless (hand crank powered) so you save the environment - cheap

Purr chase this product?

So should you buy this wind-up Lantern? It's cheap and it may work very well in a garage or attic if you have the DC power supply for it but I would not take it camping/hiking with me. It is fairly big compared to the light provided by other wind-up torches and lamps.

Where can I buy the Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern for the lowest price offer in Europe or USA?

Wind Up Dynamo Camping Lantern/Lamp - where can i buy or purchase this self powered mobile lighting equipment

Amazon has this 12 LED rechargeable camping lantern for sale.

Amazon .com has this 12 LED battery-free camping lantern available.

When compared is Bigger better or less is more?

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This Lantern has been compared to other batteryless torches, Lanterns and Lamps.

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