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DIScussion on Everything Is Electric article (the Electric Universe Theory), forum posting or chatDiscussion on gEUlogy (geology in an Electric Universe) article, forum posting or chatExpanding Earth from a small Earth with surface completely covered by the continental plate growing to the larger XEarth we have todayDiscussion on What Don't You See if it is an Electrical Universe? article, posting or chat
Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then
is everything in the Universe electric?

Ever thought about geology...
not making much sense?
Is there any alternative?

Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?

the plasmaVerse - index / sitemap


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GEMSTONES of the World by Walter Schumann - book review
The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott - book review
The Mayan 3Q Prophet a short story by Chris Vaughan
The Earth's Electrical Environment free ebook (pdf) from the National Academies Press
Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation) - English and Hebrew translations
The Squatter Man and Tree of Life - ancient Shock and Awe?

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