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The Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, TikalA Hurricane Galaxy or one of the millions or billions of galaxies that look like a Tropical Storm. Image taken by the author of The Electric SkyRevelations 8:12 - a star with a partial photoshereExpanding Earth from a small Earth with surface  completely covered by the continental plate growing to the larger XEarth we have today
We first conceived the calendar policy
under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days...

Hurricane Galaxy - Messier 81
Everything is scalable in an Electric Universe. Hurrican or Galaxy?
Revelations 8:12?
Largest Sun Spot in the Universe found or "a third of the sun was smitten"
Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

Books - Electric Universe and others

The Electric Sky

Revelations 8:12 - a star with a partial photoshere
"A challenge to the Myths of modern astronomy"
The Electric Sky (
The Electric Sky (Mikamar Publishing)
By Donald E. Scott so you know its a good intro into the space part of the EU. His site has a lot more on the Electric Universe. Read more about his book The Electric Sky including 1st chapter pdf and a review from the thunderbolts team.
The fourth Angel?
Then the fourth angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten
Does the image on page 156 have anything to do with Revelations 8:12? This is not mentioned in the book but you can read more about this Dis and a personal review of the book.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

image linking to Review and purchase the Thunderbolts of the Gods book and accompaning Video
"A new view of Earth, the stars and the Universe"
Written by Wal Thornhill and David Talbott. Essential and brilliant. Order the Video that goes with it. The Electric Universe can explain Myths and Legends and the unsolved mysteries that haunt science and astronomy today. This book and video will convert most people with its simple but powerful message, ideas and images.
Please buy it from Thunderbolts/Mikamar but if you have to use Amazon then you can get it from The 1st chapter is available as a pdf and there is also another review with page images. The Thunderbolt has been the God's weapon of choice since ancient times, even the Storm God Baal liked to pose with a Thunderbolt.

Gemstones of the World

Gemstones of the World (Amazon UK) by Walter Schumann
A reference book on everything to do with Gemstones, not an EU book as such but...
If everything is part of the Electric Univese then even Gems, petrified wood etc are part of that. The Birth Of Rock - are things still being formed? Chan Dan Ya - (stone) "Egg Producing Cliff" in China and maybe New Zealand's Moeraki Boulders are good examples of this. If everything is scaleable in the Electric Universe and gEUlogy then are stones and especially flint stones found on and in sandy beaches and cliffs just variations of these?

An article on the book and how it was used in a study of gEUlogy in Malta

THE book on Gemstones and how we start working out what really happened or is still happening on Earth.

God's Fire

Cover image of God's Fire - Moses and the management of Exodus - showing Moses with horns from his forehead
"Moses and the management of Exodus"
God's Fire ( and God's Fire (full PDF) written by Alfred de Grazia.
Why do old images of Moses show him with horns and nowadays the Devil is shown with horns? Would a Christian today get upset if you showed them this image?
This book is a great study and read about the Electric Universe and it's role in the old Israelite nation. The Torah / Old Testament is an immense Electrical Universe book when you re view it with new EYEs.

Seeing Red

Cover of Seeing Red linking to
"Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science"
Seeing Red ( by Halton Arp - investigation into "Red Shift" and maybe the proof needed to end the Big Bang Theory. Time to start again. Scientific book with lots of diagrams.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Image Link to SIS Workshop Magazine - Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Research into cosmic catastrophes and ancient chronology revision
SIS - Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Join. Great and varied Chronology & Catastrophism Review magazine with your membership. They also organise the EU meetings.

Mikamar Publishing

logo link to Mikamar - the publishing company of
Mikamar Publishing - Thunderbolts
Plasma Cosmology / Electric Universe related books, ebooks. videos and documentaries from the Thunderbolts team. You might be able to get it cheaper elsewhere but why give Bankers more than just your tax paying Bailout money?

Other books or short stories

The Mayan 3Q Prophet

The Mayan Calendar

Our first day under the new scheme was an ominous reflection of the last days. We first conceived the calendar policy under the influence of a severe financial crisis; we ended our days under the weight of a large self-spun apocalypse.

I read my last lines first.

The Mayan Calendar, gods, deity, itzamna, yucatec mythology, Tikal

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