The Earth's Electrical Environment - free online ebook
image linking to Discussion to Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion on Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatThe mysterious and puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle in Malta
Atoms are electric..
if everything is made of atoms then is everything electric?

Ever thought about geology...
not making much sense?
is there a logic alternative?

It's not what you think you see
It's what don't you see.
What else don't you see?

The Clapham Junction Triangle
Amazing massive triangles formed amongst the Cart Ruts of Malta

The Earth's Electrical Environment

The global electric weather circuit in an Electric Universe

The Earth's Electrical Environment - free online ebook with PDF summary from the National Academies Press

Description - This latest addition to the Studies in Geophysics series explores in scientific detail the phenomenon of lightning, cloud, and thunderstorm electricity, and global and regional electrical processes. Consisting of 16 papers by outstanding experts in a number of fields, this volume compiles and reviews many recent advances in such research areas as meteorology, chemistry, electrical engineering, and physics and projects how new knowledge could be applied to benefit mankind

The Earth's Electrical Environment - Authors: Geophysics Study Committee, Geophysics Research Forum, Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Resources, National Research Council


  • Front Matter i-xvi
  • Overview and Recommendations * pages 1-22
  • 1 Lightning Phenomenology * pages 23-29
  • 2 Physics of Lightning * pages 30-40
  • 3 Positive Cloud-to-Ground Lightning * pages 41-45
  • 4 Acoustic Radiations from Thunderstorms * pages 46-60
  • 5 Applications of Advances in Lightning Research to Lightning Protection*pages61-69
  • 6 The Role of Lightning in the Chemistry of the Atmosphere * pages 70-80
  • 7 Thunderstorm Origins, Morphology, and Dynamics * pages 81-89
  • 8 The Electrical Structure of Thunderstorms * pages 90-113
  • 9 Charging Mechanisms in Clouds and Thunderstorms * pages 114-130
  • 10 Models of Development of the Electrical Structure of Clouds * pages 131-148
  • 11 Atmospheric Electricity in the Planetary Boundary Layer * pages 149-165
  • 12 Electrical Structure from 0 to 30 Kilometers * pages 166-182
  • 13 Electrical Structure of the Middle Atmosphere * pages 183-194
  • 14 Upper-Atmosphere Electric-Field Sources * pages 195-205
  • 15 The Global Atmospheric-Electrical Circuit * pages 206-231
  • 16 Telluric Currents: The Natural Environment and Interactions with Man-made Systems * pages 232-258
  • Index * pages 259-263
  • On the National Academies Press site on the Table of Contents page you can find a brief of each page (click on "skim")

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    There is also a great free PDF that gives a summary of the book and the
    Electrical Weather circuit in an Electric Universe (includes diagrams)